Welcome to The Limelight| We build Rock Stars!

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Welcome to The Limelight | We build Rock Stars

Thank you for your continued support, as I worked to build a prototype for The Limelight’s Artist development platform. The Limelight’s A&R Project was created to assist independent musicians as they seek out resources and tools to develop themselves. We are in an age where an artist may not want to sign with a label, they may have the team and resources in place to build a career by themselves.



Whether you’re building a team, building your brand, seeking representation licensing, management, label submissions, consultations, promotion, radio and online air play venue and booking resources. We are making it easier for artists who are making it happen. Fans benefit from having access to the most incredible rising local talent. They also find out and can purchase tickets to their shows, concerts, and festivals. Our app users are able to have an impact on the success of our clients, we make it simple for our music makers to get the level of exposure they desire for their projects and find the tools to build their brand bigger.




Founded in 2013, The Limelight has had the privilege of working with some of the hottest up and coming musicians in the California and Atlanta regions. We’ve learned a great deal of information about the pain points that artists encounter prior to having the support of a large following; we’ve seen and experienced some of the road blocks and the successes of overcoming them. We pool our relationships and expertise then leverage these resources to provide tools for our clients and site users to get the exposure they deserve; in addition, we allow our music fans intimate access to our client lists, exclusive content and VIP access, including backstage and invitation only events. For users who have an interest in bookings, special appearances, licensing, sponsorships, management, label services. radio promotion and any other business or networking opportunity. The next iterations of our beta releases will seek to enhance the engagement between the artist and their support base.



If you would like to be a part of the initial launch of our first web-app, leave a comment or send an inbox and we’ll contact you, as soon as possible. Whether you’re a music fan, a music maker, a music business professional, a venue or booking agent, The Limelight was designed with you in mind. We’re not reinventing the wheel, we’re making it more aerodynamic and optimizing the development process.



LMG|Limelight Management Group seeks to work with the absolute best talent. We bring artist with potential to fruition. We’re the liaison between where our clients are currently and superstardom. We’re a full service artist promotion and management startup. Artist who would like to be considered, email: limelightmanagementgroup@gmail.com.



We work with incredible music makers and help them to become legends; now, #WhatCanTheLimelightDoForYou??


Keeyen Martin | 8.30.16 |The Suitcase EP

August 27, 2016 in What We are About

8.30 | The Suitcase EP





Mark your calendars. Keeyen Martin is four days away from making HIS-story. 

Martin is an amazing vocalist and songwriter. Suitcase will be Keeyen’s much anticipated debut release. August 30, 2016, Morehouse College Alumnus, Keeyen Martin will be releasing his Suitcase EP. “DiveN2luv” and “Suitcase” are just two of the gems Martin provides for his growing list of loyal supporters. This project is crazy! To think that this is an independent artist who has no major label providing the blueprint and resources is unbelievable. Kudos to #TeamKeeyenMartin, I see greatness is on your horizon.
Well-written songs, great production and soul; that is what The Suitcase EP is providing listeners. Martin is a winner; he’s an artists who hasn’t cut corners; I’ve seen him work harder than most artists who think they want it. keeyen gets it. He is very humble and never misses an opportunity to connect with his fanbase. This is  what it takes to be bigger than life. This is rockstardom.


Atlanta has been very supportive of this rising star, Keeyen Martin, for good reason. 8.30, make sure you go out and support this rising star. Take a listen and let me know what you think. Comment, share, like, or inbox, if you’re feeling this. Welcome to The Limelight! I saw star potential, many moons ago, when I wrote about Martin in this post. Email and inbox for booking information.


Contact KM:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1401960080

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/keeyenmartin/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/keeyenmartin/

Website: http://www.keeyenmartin.com/

Available from all major online distributers 8.30.

PRE ORDER: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-suitcase/id1143883690

What is the A&R project?

The A&R Project was created by the Limelight. We are DISRUPTING innovation. We find the world’s most talented and connect them with their fanbase. We create rock stars. We are where music, business, and social networking intercept. What can The Limelight do for you? Web and mobile apps are on the way. Join the movement…

Cinnamon Denise’s voyage towards The Limelight

April 19, 2016 in What We are About

Welcome to The Limelight



Atlanta is a musician Mecca. I have uncovered a limitless pool of musicians who are the best in their respective genres. Every week, I have more mind-blowing talent to add to my ever-growing Limelight Playlist. I have no idea what the A&Rs are doing; they’re asleep at the wheel. I don’t mind, I’m glad I get to find them first; it’s like a hidden gem; the most pleasant surprise. These artists are not at all basic or common, I just seem to have a talent radar. I’m the new-age Sean Combs or Barry Gordy. This grass-roots expedition is on a mission to create a new cohort of Hollywood Star recipients. Many ask me what I look for in a new project. I need to see stars. Sales are fleeting. I want unmistakable talent that reeks of longevity. The Limelight is looking for classic musicians who want to be rock stars; game-changers! We will help to develop the careers of this generation’s Beetles, Jackson 5, Monkey’s, and Temptations.
I founded The Limelight, because far too many artists are not taken serious until they are already well-known. Many are over looked, so I decided to create the right set of resources that can get them onto the right radars. I’ve learned and grown so much, and we haven’t even gotten started. Everyday,  I’m building more relationships and grinding harder with people who share my passion for music and artists development.
We find and develop musicians. Great artists want their time in The Limelight and The Limelight LOVES great artists. No one starts out at their potential; we’re here to help you reach it. Some artists are more prepared for this transformation. Cinnamon Denise is one of those artists.  



An Atlanta, Georgia native, Cinnamon Denise is a vocalist,   bassoonist, songwriter, and producer who has a talent for   engulfinglisteners into her music.  As a vocalist, she started   singing at an early age in her church Gospel choir where she   developed a unique and virtuosic singing style.  She uses this   style in her performances with R&B/soul influences beautifully   intertwined in the music.  As a classically trained bassoonist,   Cinnamon Denise incorporates a unique style of playing into her   performances and has volunteered as a bassoon teacher in the   Greater Miami community.     
A gifted lyricist and songwriter, Cinnamon Denise is fluent in   several songwriting styles in the English and Spanish languages.  Her projects include collaborating with the Japanese deep house producer, Hideo Kobayashi; an eclectic acoustic duo, “Cinnamon and Jonny” in Ibiza, Spain; a songwriting team member of new song for the Slovenia’s Got Talent 2014 winner, Jana Šušteršič; a staff writer for the Peer Music Publishing Company; and the new age R&B band, the George Lacson Project’s recent EP release, Paradigms.  As a producer, her music video, “You Were Here,” received 2nd Place in the Pronebula Awards Music Video Contest in Valencia, Spain.  She is also a member of the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment (NABFEME), Atlanta, GA Chapter.





“I believe in the power of music to bring about change in this world.  So, let’s make      some music and spread some love.” -Cinnamon Denise


Cinnamon Denise is an alumna of the University of Miami Frost School of Music where she studied Media Writing and Production.  She recently received her Masters in Music Technology Innovation from Berklee College of Music Valencia, Spain Campus.  As an ambassador of Berklee College of Music she attended the Midem Music 4-day Conference in Cannes, France, where she displayed her creative process on the demonstration floor and gave a stunning performance at the EmTech España 2014 MIT Conference.  She recently completed a 3-month apprenticeship at Sonic Vista Studios, Ibiza, Spain, under the direction of L. Henry Sarmiento II, Recording Academy member and mixing/mastering engineer.  At Sonic Vista Studios, she exponentially increased her writing and mixing skills, as well as became inspired by great musicians such as Elijah Ray.
Cinnamon Denise has toured the eastern coast of Spain; performed on Eurovision-Slovenian national television; recorded with Grammy winning producers and engineers; and performed at some of Atlanta’s top venues, to include The Velvet Note and Apache Café.  Selected in the top 10 from 100 applicants, she was a semifinalist in the 2015 Montreux Jazz Festival Jazz Voice Competition, presided by legendary artist Al Jarreau. 


Cinnamon Denise_Laughing 2

Cinnamon Denise aspires to successfully perform and reach national and international audiences through her intriguing vocals and musicianship.  Her goal is to correlate with worldwide artists via songwriting and music production.  Her desire is to leave a legacy of a safe space for aspiring female musicians, producers, songwriters, and engineers by opening a music school that empowers young ladies to harness and nurture their individual talents. 



Follow Cinnamon Denise’s journey:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cinnamondenise

Website: http://www.cinnamondenise.com/new-album/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cinnamondenise

Booking info: cinnamondenise@gmail.com

What can The Limelight do for you?

Artists who are seeking development assistance, marketing and promotion, industry submissions, public relations, radio and online music spins, check my track record and get the traction you deserve; inbox me and get to YOUR next level. Nothing comes easy, but I will get you to your next step.

The Limelight Playlist| A few new additions that you’ll LOVE

April 11, 2016 in #GoldenAge, Album, Atlanta Rapper, Best rapper, Greatness, Hip Hop, Latest Artist Submissions, New Music, R&B, What We are About

The Limelight Playlist: A few new additions that you’ll LOVE



Byrson Green:

Peachtree Cover 7

Happy Monday to all. I hope your weeks are off to an incredible beginning. My week is looking pretty well; why is that? I have a lot of new music that’s on the way. Artists like Bryson Green, Gary Stello Clark II (1/3 of Gold Shades), Zay’Marie, Bobby Cork, and Keeyen Martin have been busy! I share and support many up-and-comers–some further along than others–but a select few are added to The Limelight Playlist. I’ve got good news and great news; Bryson Green has announced that he will be beginning a year-long project, “Go Green: The Seasons;” this project will consist of him releasing a song a week for 52 weeks. As a fan of his music, I am very excited to see what this creative genius will bring to the table over the next year. If you haven’t already had a chance to listen to his “Peach Tree,” crawl from the under that rock and tune in to the playlist, immediately. It’s about that time.

Stello Clark:




Over the weekend, I had a pleasant surprise addition to the list, when Gary “Stello” Clark II chose to bless the world with his acoustic cover, Valentine. This is a long awaited and much anticipated follow up to Gold Shades’ disruptive holiday introduction, “Christmas At The House.” The holiday EP was able to debut on iTunes at #9. Not too shabby for the fairly new unsigned trio. Valentine leverages Stello’s trademark falsetto and he says there is much more on the way! Maxwell and the dream should be nervous, Gold Shades is gunning for you both. They are bringing the soul back to R&B. Get ready!






Zay’Marie is one of my personal favorites. Taking up several tracks in the playlist, her covers are hijacked versions of the originals and she takes no prisoners. She murders Bieber’s “Love yourself” and shows no remorse. It’s almost a new song, in my opinion. If you’re at all familiar of Bieber’s version and you like it, you WILL love this. A truly dynamic artist with range that rivals the best that today’s performers can only dream of delivering. Trust me, take a second to listen to any of her covers and see how she has changed the story.


Bobby Cork:




Bobby Cork is a songwriter with untapped potential as a performer. Fairly new to performing and recording, Bobby has created his own lane with several original recordings, “Man’s Club, Man of The Mountain and Night Owl.” You can find “Night Owl” in the playlist. Take a listen to his pre-release and hear his development from the very beginning.


Keeyen Martin:


keeyen Martin pic


Keeyen Martin is taking over. His two singles: “#DiveN2Luv and Suitcase” are both featured in this playlist. His ever-growing fan-base isn’t the only indication that this artist has longevity in his cards. Both songs are, in my opinion, smash hits. I’m not the only one to feel this way, as Keeyen is getting ton’s of press coverage and radio airplay for his “Luvspiration” EP. Indiespeaks.com states that Keeyen is “…a blossoming musician whose dedication to his craft is sure to pay off –very soon.”




If you think you have what it takes to make it onto the playlist, by all means, send us an inbox and give it a shot. Artists seeking promotional support and label submissions, inbox for a quote of our very affordable development packages.


Fly Benzo is a ‘Rebel Without A Pause’

April 5, 2016 in What We are About

Fly Benzo is a ‘Rebel Without A Pause’


Motivation’ is a timeless track for anyone going through adversity who is motivated to overcome any and all obstacles. #NothingCanStopYou #TheWorldIsYours #ConsciousMindsAtWork
FLY Benzo is an up and coming MC, producer and visionary born and raised in the San Francisco, CA (Barbary Coast, Califia, North-West Amexum). Some of his popular songs are ‘Checkmate,’ ‘Picture Perfect,’ ‘War on Terror,’ ‘Gentrification’ and ‘Motivation,’ which is due to be released as a single on iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon and more 4.12 (pre-sales available NOW). Lastly, he has a song with his Queen and label-mate, Ms Incredible, called ‘My Philosophy is This,’ which is a big hit with all of the audiences who have had the privilege of hearing this creative masterpiece. FLY Benzo is a multifaceted artist with many skills and talents, as well as a passion to teach, enlighten and uplift, which you can hear throughout his music. 




‘Motivation,’ will be on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play Music and more on 4.12.16.!! Presales will be available, beginning 3.28.16…

‘Rebel Without A Pause’, Benzo’s current release, is motivation music that speaks to the conscious minds of true music heads; truly a voice and message for the downtrodden who are resilient enough to demand their fair share of equality. This ideology rebels against the zeitgeist of commonplace mundane lyrics that overwhelmingly represent today’s music scene. It’s about time that a real MC takes the red pill and breaks free of the hold of society’s matrix. Ladies and gentlemen, Fly Benzo; truly a rebel without a pause.
Artists seeking representation, join the Limelight revolution. We are becoming the more efficient choice in branding, advertisement, and artists’ development. Consultation specials available, inbox us today, and get the shine that you deserve. What can The Limelight do for you?



Follow Fly Benzo’s journey:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRealFlyBenzo/?fref=ts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FLYbenzo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flybenzo/
Web: http://consciousmindsatwork.com/

Eric Martinez is dancing his way to Stardom

March 16, 2016 in Album, Hip Hop, What We are About


Eric Martinez is dancing his way to Stardom

Eric Martinez, represented by Atlantic scout Monique Lewis, is on his way. His latest campaign showcasing his hot single, “Dirty Dancing” is produced by MKSB. Definitely a club banger. Martinez, a 24 year old California resident hailing from Fountain City, is putting southern region on the map, for sure.


No stranger to The Limelight, Martinez has shared the stage with Freddie Gibbs, Nipsey Hussle, Dj Hozer, Ty Dolla Sign and many more. Eric has laid the foundation and built a sizable following to sustain his greatness. Be on the lookout for his up coming album release; it’s going to be FIRE!



I can’t lie, he has a versatile style that reeks of authenticity.  Don’t take my word for it, check out his video of one of my favorite tracks, “Stay Up.”



Follow Eric on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eric.martinez.908?fref=nf
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teamericmartinez/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EricMartinez714
Booking or inquiries: inbox or contact moniquelewisceo@gmail.com


undERValued, Erv Dowd

February 24, 2016 in Hip Hop, Latest Artist Submissions, New Music, Rap, Swag, W.O.T.S. Word on the streets, What We are About

undERValued, Erv Dowd

The name Erv Dowd is to pay homage to the late great Thomas J. Dowd; I want to impact the game as he did, if not more…



Erv Dowd is a 19 year old artist hailing from Berkeley California. He has been making music for several years, but has just begun to surface on the internet in 2015. He is a rapper–part of a Bay Area rap group, Apex Rebels. The rap group consists of various artists: Vince Exito, Dowd, D.A.R. etc.


“I am not a rapper, I am a musician.” –Erv Dowd

Erv’s upcoming mixtape, “Peace Within Disaster” is scheduled to drop in June of 2016,  and this will be his debut project! Music set to come out before the mixtape are singles: “Shoot Like Allen” (already on soundcloud)–16,000+ and growing, “Fuck What You Heard”, and “G” which will all be available on most platforms by May 2016. He is a very diverse artist–with eclectic tastes in various genres of music –and it is displayed in his style of music. Be on the lookout for Erv and APEX, they have something special in the works. Bay Area stand up for the bequest of California.
Video for “Shoot Like Allen” is on the Way; wait on it…


ErvFollow Erv on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ErvDowd

Follow Erv on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/ervdowd

Artists seeking the guidance and promotional support that can take you and your brand to YOUR next level, reach out. What can The Limelight do for you?


Go Green 2 exhibits “Love” with new single, “PeachTree.”

February 14, 2016 in Album, Atlanta Rapper, Best rapper, Greatness, Hip Hop, Latest Artist Submissions, New Music, W.O.T.S. Word on the streets, What We are About

PeachTree Cover 4

Bryson Green – Peachtree

Bryson Green returns with another thought provoking performance; just in time for Valentine’s Day, he shares with us his experience with the loss of love. He candidly displays his emotions as he overcomes one of life’s most challenging obstacles.
This is a reflection of life. If you’ve ever been in love, you have to relate to this. Turn this record on and let Green take you on a journey through the uncanny enigmatic roller coaster we call love. Green never fails to deliver catchy lines that become even more potent the 2nd and 3rd time around. This project will define him as one of our generation’s boldest and uncompromising innovators. I salute you, Bryson! We cannot wait for the LP, Go Green 2 to drop; it’s going to CRAZY!!  


Peachtree Cover 3

New Music Video, “Peachtree” by Bryson Green


Watch the video for “Peachtree” Bryson Green’s latest single off Go Green 2. Produced by Green, the song is about longing for a love lost and struggling with letting go. Directed by Green, the video was shot throughout downtown Atlanta, GA beneath the nighttime skyline on Peachtree Street. As Bryson roams the city in the cold of winter, images of the woman he’s yearning for begin to flood his mind. Check out this silky smooth track below! The video is available at www.BrysonGreen.com and the song is available everywhere!




Listen on Spotify: CLICK HERE!

Peachtree Cover 7

Share & Show Support!

The Limelight highlights the INCREDIBLE Zay’Marie

February 9, 2016 in Greatness, Latest Artist Submissions, New Music, R&B, W.O.T.S. Word on the streets, What We are About

Three years building a platform for artists who are seeking The Limelight!



I LOVE what I do; I love the music, the conquest, the challenge, the discovery and being able to help the next generation of Super-stars find their footing. We take on unknown talent and give them a voice, a mic and a stage. We represent the best that has yet to be showcased.


wayne 107.9


Artists like Zay’Marie epitomize a diamond in the rough. Mass public support comes at the end of the lonely battle for recognition. Most remain unappreciated until it’s popular. Too many talented artists fall upon deaf ears. I choose to be the earliest adopter. I see the greatness yet to be acknowledged, and I help to manifest potential, with the help of GOD–you better know it! Radio is not indicative of talent, yet somehow, that’s the public’s stamp of approval; it is the go-ahead from “the powers that be” that validate a song and say it’s okay to like the music. We are taking that power and giving it to the music makers.

Each project is more exciting than the next. This next project, Zay’Marie is something incredible. I have seen the growth and development of this young woman, and I am blown away. I think she is destined to become one of the BIGGEST and BRIGHTEST stars of this generation. But don’t take my word.

Check out Zay’s soundcloud, and hear for yourself. Welcome to The Limelight!

Limelight logo.jpg


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